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About Jim

            Superior Piano Tuning by an Aural Piano Tuner

Johnson’s  Piano Service and Jim Johnson, Owner, have been providing superior  service to piano owners for over 50 years. 

A graduate of Brigham Young  University’s Piano Technician Program and a member of the Piano  Technicians Guild, Jim first started his piano tuning business in the Bay area in  association with Bob Burton.  In a few years, he had his own thriving  business and in that capacity, he was responsible for the pianos at  Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino and tuned for all  their visiting artists including Ferrante and Teicher, Steve Allen,  Andre Watts, Van Cliburn, Victor Borge, Count Basie and many others. He  also tuned for the San Francisco Symphony for 12 years. In addition,  he was the chief technician for DeAnza College, Foothill College and  University of Santa Clara and San Jose City College.

Jim has been trained at the Steinway Factory in New York and is certified to repair all Yamaha acoustic and Diskclavier pianos.

 In  1984, he transitioned his business to the foothill area around  Sacramento and today currently serves Sacramento County, and the western  parts of El Dorado County, Amador County and Placer County along with  the city of Davis in Yolo County.

Today, Jim remains one of the  few aural (tuning by ear) tuners in the area. Every piano has its own  unique harmonic structure, even within the same brand or family of  pianos. Jim’s natural tuning style allows for these differences in each  piano and produces a pleasing musical tuning. Customers also frequently  comment that they enjoy listening to Jim tune because it is very musical  and not just repetitive pounding.

In addition to tuning, Jim  also does piano action rebuilding and appraisals. However, he no longer  does refinishing or moving but can refer you to reputable people who  perform these services. Jim also keeps a list of customers who are  either selling or thinking about upgrading their piano and frequently  can put a buyer and seller together.

To schedule an appointment  or to further discuss your piano needs, please call Jim at 530-409-8225 or his wife, Lonna 916-354-8605. 

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